Team Viewer

What is Team Viewer...?

TeamViewer is a small software for desktop sharing. In other words, you can control a computer from any remote location as if you are sitting before the remote computer. TeamViewer is available FREE on the internet which can be used for personal use only.

To use TeamViewer you need a internet connection with reasonable speed and TeamViewer software. Both the computers should have same version of TeamViewer.

How to get help and support...?

Run TeamViewer [there is no need to install, just select "Run Only" option]. After one or two simple steps a screen with you Computer ID and Password will appear. You send that Computer ID and Password to us [Mobile number given on Contact page]. Using these two information we will be able to see your computer desktop in our office and provide you help & support in real time.

TeamViewer is secure and safe and there is no need to worry. Close the TeamViewer when session is ended. You can visit TeamViewer official website for more information.