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CBSE : Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation
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Nowadays assessment process in CBSE affiliated schools is being done under Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation [CCE] pattern. It involves lots of calculations, conversions etc. which are regularly done by teachers.

A teacher who is not sound enough in computer technology may use calculators for these calculations and can commit mistakes which further may result into wrong evaluation.

There are few software in circulation which are nothing but Excel worksheet. They are not software at all. Working on those Excel worksheet is very difficult due to absence of navigation system. Not only this, all records are visible at all the time to users/teachers. It is very likely that a teacher may enter marks in wrong cells.

Printing report card is another headache for teacher. Teacher may not be able to print report cards from Excel due to page setup problem.

Easy CCE software provides the best solution at affordable prize. It prints the report cards, grade slips and other documents in Microsoft Word format..

The latest circular regarding Assessment of Speaking and Listening [ASL] for English in Class IX and Minimum 25% Marks in Summative Assessments have also been incorporated into the software.
Easy CCE
No hidden cost.

Lifetime validity of Product Key.

Easy installation.

Available at affordable price.

Easy to operate and use.

No need to be computer expert.

Save papers, money and energy.

Get 24x7 help and support.

Available in Word / PDF format.

Watch CBSE CCE Software Video on YouTube
Watch CBSE CCE Software Video on YouTube