EazyRESULT Software

EazyRESULT software is a result preparing software based on lasted assessment guidelines issued by CBSE for schools. The old pattern of CCE [Continous and Comprehensive Evaluation] has been scraped by CBSE, instead new uniform pattern of evaluation has been introduced from academic year 2017-18 onwards. EazyRESULT can handle all operations related to result preparation in CBSE schools.

Easy GUI:EazyRESULt has very simple GUI [Graphical User Interface] which enables your teachers to easily understand the software. Teacher need not to be computer expert.

Import & Export: Student data can be imported from an excel file. All marks and grades entered into the software can be exported to excel file also.

Sending Emails: Send result of all students of a particular class to parents by email with a single click.

Customization: School and customize this software according their needs. For example: Number of subjects of a class, maximum marks of test and exams, name of misc subjects etc can be modified by the class-teacher itself.

Multi-User System: Admin can have access to all module of the software. However, class teacher can access cetrain modules of his/her class only.