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An Offline Desktop Report Card Software

Report Card Software: EazyRESULT is a software for preparing result of students from class 1st to 12th as per CBSE latest evaluation pattern. Class teachers will be able to enter marks of periodic tests, multiple assessement, portfolio and subject enrichment etc and result will be prepared with single click.

Desktop Based: This software is to be install in a desktop computer runing Windows-7 or later. It will run in that computer in which it has been installed.

Offline Softwre: EazyRESULT does not requires internet connection. Any computer in your school with reasonable hardware can be used for running this software. However, to download this software from our website, your need internet connection.

System Requirements:
a) Operating System: Windows-7 or higher.
b) Dot Net Framework 4 or higher
c) Microsoft Office 2013 or later with MS-Access, MS-Word and MS-Excel.
d) Laserjet or Inkjet printer attached with computer to print report cards.

Tests and Exams: As per latest CBSE guidelines there will be two Periodic Tests in an academic year. Periodic Test-1 and then Half Yearly Exam, next Periodic Test-2 and finally Annual Exam or Session Ending Exam. This pattern applies for classes 1st to 8th. For class 9th and 10th there will be three Periodic Tests and one annual exam at the end. There is no half yearly exam for class 9th and 10th. Best of two periodic test and taken for internal assessment.

Notebook Submission and Subject Enrichment: Class teachers need to enter marks for notebook submission and subject enrichment twice in a year. Total weightage for notebook submission and subject enrichment is 5 and 5 respectively.

Weightage of Marks: Scholastic assessment has been divided into two categories: a) Internal Assessment [Weightage: 20 Marks] and b) External Assessment [Weightage: 80 Marks].

Internal Assessement = Periodic Tests [10 Marks] + Notebook Submission [05 Marks] + Subject Enrichment [05 Marks]
External Assessment = Half Yearly Exam + Annual Exam [80 Marks]

Result [Pass/Fail]: As per Right to Education Act, students have to compulsory promoted to next higher class from class 1st to 8th. Pass-fail applies from class 9th onwards. As per CBSE guidelines a students will be declared Pass when he/she secures minimum 33% marks in internal and 33% marks in external seperately.

Note: Pass-fail system can be customised as per the need of school. We will make necessary changes in software code so that result is prepared as per your school system.

Report Cards: Class teachers as well as parents will be able to download report cards of each tests and exams. We have designed a standard format of report card for Term-1 and Final Report Card. Report Cards will be downloaded in MS-word format.

Result Analysis: It is very important for the Principal of school to know the quality of result. This software will help you to get result analysis on single click. How many students secured A1 grade, A2 grades and so one, can be viewed and printed easily.

Exporting Data to Excel: Class teachers will be able to export all marks entered and processed marks in excel file. Excel file will help you use the data for further analysis at your level.

Main Subjects and Misc Subjects: Hindi, English, Science, Maths, Social Science etc are treated as main subjects. Result of a student will be prepared based on performance in these subjects in various tests and exams. Along with main subject, school can have few misc subject e.g. Music, Dance, G.K., Painting, NCC, Swimmming etc. Performance in these subjects will not have any effect on result.

Exams and Evaluation in Class 11: There is no uniform pattern of evaluation for class 11. CBSE has not given any specific direction in this regards. Different schools different format of report card and result preparing methods for class 11. However, our team has designed an evaluation pattern which is quite similar to latest CBSE guidelines. A standard pattern similar to secondary classes has been designed by us for Class 11. There will be internal and external pattern along with theory and practical marks system of CBSE. Examination pattern used in the software can be modified as per requirement of school.

Weightage in Class 11

Tests/Exams Weightage
Periodic Test-1 10
Half Yearly Exam 30
Periodic Test-2 10
Annual Exam 50
Total: 100

Weightage in Marks in Detail [Class-11]

Tests/Exams Subject without Practical Subject with 30 Marks Practial Subject with 20 Marks Project
Periodic Test-1 10 10 10
Periodic Test-2 10 10 10
Half Yearly [Theory] 30 21 24
Half Yearly [Practical] -- 09 06
Annual Exam [Theory] 50 35 40
Annual Exam [Practical] -- 15 10
Total Marks: 100 100 100

Examinations in Class 12: Since class 12 is board class, school does not need to provide any final result to parents. Tests and exams in class 12 are conducted only see academic performance of a student. All tests / exams conducted for class 12 has no influence on final result. Keeping this in mind, our team have designed a standard examination pattern for class 12. There will be 4 to 5 monthly tests of 50 marks [or any other marks as per school need]. Before final board exam, there will be 2 to 3 pre-board exam of full marks. Report cards will be generated in PDF format for each test and exam. Examination pattern for class 12 can be modified as per requirement of the school.

20:80 Ratio: As per latest CBSE circular there will two components for class X i.e Internal Assessment [20] and External Assessement [80]. There is certain changes in the new assessment pattern.

Existing and Proposed Pattern of Assessment: As per CBSE letter F.1001/CBSE/Dir(Acad)/2019, dated: 06th March 2019 [Circular No: Acad-11/2019], CBSE is going to bring certain changes in internal assessement.

Existing Pattern

Components Marks
A) Periodic Test 10
B) Notebook Submission 05
C) Subject Enrichment 05
D) Internal Assessment [A+B+C] 20
E) Annual Exam [External Assessment] 80
Total Marks [D+E] 100

Proposed Pattern [2019-20 Onwards]

Components Marks
A) Periodic Test [Pen Paper Test] 05
B) Multiple Assessement [Quiz, Oral Test etc.] 05
C) Portfolio [Classwork, Peer Assessment etc.] 05
D) Subject Enrichment [As per Concerned Subjects] 05
E) Internal Assessment [A+B+C+D] 20
F) Annual Exam [External Assessment] 80
Total Marks [D+E] 100

Changes to be Done in Future by CBSE: Our OnlinExam software is designed to comply the latest pattern of CBSE assessment. If there is minor changes in CBSE assessement in future, we will do it for your almost free of cost under AMC. However, any major changes done be CBSE where we need to re-redesign and re-program our software, where we have to change database structure, we will charge a reasonable amount.

Microsoft Access Database has been used to store all information related students, their marks and grades. This software maintains a database of all students of current session only. When a student get admitted, Admin or class teacher will enter details of student in the software viz. Name, class, section, roll, admission number, mother's name, father's name, date of birth, gender, mobile, address, house, aadhaar etc.

Entered record can be updated or deleted by class teacher or by Admin as per need. Once updated, the correct data will be available to all concerned.

Searching and filtering records is also very easy. If a class teacher wants to know how many students and girl and belong to SC community, it will be done with few clicks. Similarly, if Admin wants to search for any student, it can be searched on the basis of class, student name etc. The searched result can be downloaded in Excel format.

Each class teacher will have their own login ID and password. A class teacher can access all modules related to his/her class only. Entry of marks, updatation of records, deletion of records, printing report cards etc. Class teacher of 6-A cannot change marks for class 7-B or any other class.

However, Admin will have full access to all module of the software. Admin can perform all kinds of tasks available in the software.

If a class teacher forgets LgoinID or Password, it can be reset by Admin.


Download Software

Click the link below to download EazyRESULT software.

It will be downloaded in zipped file. Unzip it first. You can use WinRAR to unzip it. You will see that one folder was created named “EazyRESULT”. Inside that folder there will be few other folders and one exe file as given below:

a) Backup [Folder]
b) Database [Folder]
c) Resources [Folder]
d) StudentPhoto [Folder]
e) EazyRESULT.exe [main exe file]


Installation and Running for the First Time

You need to decide on which computer you are going to use. One registered copy of software will work on one computer only. Therefore, decide on which computer you are going to use it. Preferably you can use it on any computer kept in Examination Dept. The computer must have the followings:

a) Windows-7 or Windows-8 Operating System
b) Microsoft Word-2007 or 2010 [Full Version & Registered]
c) Internet Connection
d) Any Printer Attached [Preferably Laserjet Printer]

Copy the just downloaded and unzipped folder “EazyRESULT” in D: Drive or E: Drive. Please don’t copy on Desktop.

Open the folder and run the software by double clicking on “EazyRESULT.exe” file. If no error message comes, then it working OK. Login as Admin [Default Password: admin]. If software accepts your password then it working fine.

If you see some error message when you run the software, you may probably require installing DotNet Framework-4. You can download DotNet Framework-4 from official website of Microsoft.

Download DotNet Framework 4 from Microsoft Website


Checking Printing in Word and Excel

This software prints report cards in word format and export data to excel file. You check whether it is working or not.

a) Login as Admin [Default Password: Admin]
b) Go to “Class 6-8 > Print Report Cards”.
c) Select Class 7-A and click on “Connect”.
d) You will see some records with the datagrid.
e) Click on “Periodic Test-1” button. If a word file will be created and result is printed.
f) Now check Excel. Go to “Class 6-8 > Marks for Test and Exams”.
g) Select class, section, test and subject and click on “Connect”. You will see some records in datagrid.
h) Click on “Export to Excel” button. An excel file will be created and data will be exported to excel.
i) If software is able to send command to Microsoft Excel Application that means it is working fine.

Note: If software is not able print in MS-Word and Excel then you need to install compatible version of MS-Office. You may contact us to resolve this issue.


Checking Result Preparation and Report Card Format

This is the most important step to check if all above 3 steps are OK. We have entered some data for following classes:

Class: 4-A
Class: 7-A
Class: 9-A
Class: 11-A
Class: 12-A

Let us check class 7-A

a) Go to “Class 6-8 > Marks for Tests and Exams”.
b) Select class 7-A, test and subject; and click on connect.
c) You will see some records. Enter marks for one subject and click on save.
d) Select another subject and click on connect. Again enter some marks and save.
e) This way you can enter marks of few students for all tests and exams.
f) You can also enter marks for notebook submission, subject enrichment and marks for misc subject if you want to check.
g) Now, go “Class 6-8 > Prepare Overall RESULT”.
h) Select your class i.e. 7-A and click on connect.
i) Click on “Prepare Result” button. Try to understand the result preparation. Check whether it is as per CBSE rules and your requirements or not.
j) Go to “Class 6-8 > Print Report Cards” and print “Final Report Card”. Check the format of report card and accuracy of marks/grades given on that.

Similarly, you can check class 9-A, 11-A and 12-A also. If you have any queries please send your queries to us by email.

Pre-Primary [NUR, LKG etc.]
Primary [Class I to V]
Secondary [Class VI to X]
Sr. Secondary [Class XI and XII]
Login ID and Passwords for Admin
Login ID and Passwords for Class Teachers
Printing Report Cards for Periodic Tests
Printing Half Yearly Report Card
Printing Final Report Card in MS-Word
Importing Student Data from Excel
Development and Installation Charge
[One time cost]
Annual Maintenance Charge [To be paid every year]
Overall Price [To be paid at the time of placing order]
  • Applicable tax will be added on every transaction.
  • Extra charges will be added for customisation in the software.
  • 50% of the total amount is to be paid at the time of placing order. Balance 50% amount at the time of final delivery.
  • Amount once received will not be refunded back in any circumtances.
  • When you place the order for EazyRESULT, it will be assumed that you have seen the demo and you are fully satisfied with the features, functioning and accuracy.
  • Please read Terms and Conditions before placing order.