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A Real Estate ERP Software

Handling Lots of Data: Today real estate business involves transaction of lots of data, related to customer inforation, communication details, project details, staff management, agent management etc. BrickTech will help you to organise and all these information from single user interface.

Customer Database Management: A real estate company may have large number of customers. few customers may have already purchsed the land, flat or other property while other few may be potential customer. Our software has a very efficient database to manage records of customer. Entry of new record, updating existing record and deleting records all can be done with great ease.

24 X 7 Global Accessibility: BrickTech software [i.e. website] can be accessed from anywhere in the world and at any time. It will be a great help for the company staff, agents and customers. For every bit of information, customers need not to come to company office. They can download the information of their own.

Download Reports in PDF Format: This is the biggest advantage of online software. Many companies still used Excel based software for managing day to day affairs. Generating various reports related to business is not possible from excel software. Whereas in BrickTech real estate software, various reports related to customer communication, sales, finance, etc can be generated in PDF format.

Types of Customers in Sales Funnel
Level Customer Type
Level-1 Looker
Level-2 Researcher
Level-3 Opportunity
Level-4 Buyer
Level-5 Delivered
** Discarded

Lookers: These peopler are the first level of your customer. Actually, they are not your customer yet. Some visitors are “just looking.” They may not be interested in buying plots, land or flat. They’re having fun shopping and want to see what you have that might catch their attention.

Researcher: Many people want to acutually buy a product and they are just researching who can offer the best. They might have visited your website, or your company office to know more about prices and offer. You should take care of those people as they are the potential buyer.

Opportunity: They are showing interest in your business and offer, coming frequently to your office and communicating your staff about the project, price, offer, discount etc. But they not yet paid money on any product. Your company staff job is to help him to make up his mind and become a buyer.

Buyer: They are your actual customers. Thye have paid money as advance for any property like land, plot, apartment etc. Here, you need to follow 20/80 rules. It means 20 percent of your customers are tend to be responsible for 80 percent of your business.

Delivered: These are those customers who have paid 100% of total amount and product has been delivered to them. You have to keep records of such customer, records like address, pan, aadhaar, details of all installment, bank details, loan details, product unit details etc. BrickTech will help you manage all such details easily.

Discarded: After all your effort, a person does not turn into buyer. He/she is not longer showing interest in your business and not reponding to your communication.

This software maintains a database of customers of all kinds i.e. looker, researchers, buyers and so on. When a customer visit your office, you enter his/her details like name, phone, address, etc. When customer pays money as advance on any product, he/she is your buyer and then you enter some more information like PAN, Aadhaar, Bank Details, Loan Details etc.

Entered record can be updated or deleted by office staff or by Admin as per need. Once updated, the correct data will be available to all concerned e.g. customers, office staff, agents, Admin etc.

Searching and filtering records is also very easy. If a you wants to know how many how many customers have book 2BHK flats in a building or how many customers whose 3rd intsallment is outstanding, it can be searched on the basis very easily.

It will also store information of all your selling agents, their deals etc. You may be able to know who are active agents who are selling more and who are idle agents.

Each office staff will have their own LoginID and Password to perform only designated work in the software. The softare will provide you a single window system where any staff can operate any module to help the customer and increase the business.

Similarly, customers will also have their own LoginID and Password. They can log in to see their profile, their project status, details of paid installments, download receipt of installments.

Agents can also login to see which units are booked or which units are still open for booking so that they can book on your behalf. However, agents will not be able to see and modify internal business operation of the company. Agents will have only limited rights related to sales.

However, Admin will have full access to all module of the software. Admin can perform all kinds of tasks available in the software.

If anybody forget LgoinID or Password, it can be reset by office staff. Login ID and Password of office staff and agents can be reset by Admin.

Our software uses MySQL database which is fastest and one of the most advanced database system in world. All the marks, grades, informations are stored in various tables in database. Database runs on our server 24x7.

Database backup helps you to store the online data into your local computer at your office. It is always advisable to take frequest backup of data.

If someone by mistake deletes lots of previous records, that time backup data help us to restore the previous records.

Domain Name & Web Hosting
Not Required
Hosting Space on Server
250 mb
1 GB
2 GB
Creating Business Leads
Exporting details in Excel File and Downloading Report Cards in PDF
Login ID and Passwords for Admin and Office Staff
Login ID and Passwords for Sales Agents
Login and Password for Customers
Importing Customer Names and Contact from Excel
Staff Details, Salary and Leave
Inventory Management
Development and Installation Charge
[One time cost]
Annual Maintenance Charge
[To be paid every year]
Overall Price
[To be paid at the time of placing order]
  • Applicable tax will be added on every transaction.
  • Extra charges will be added for customisation in the software / website.
  • 50% of the total amount is to be paid at the time of placing order. Balance 50% amount at the time of final delivery.
  • Amount once received will not be refunded back in any circumtances.
  • When you place the order for BrickTech, it will be assumed that you have seen the demo and you are fully satisfied with the features, functioning and accuracy.
  • Please read Terms and Conditions before placing order.